1.Why is the KANDADZIA apparatus considered a scientific health-improving device?

This device is patented by the state technical supervision. Using the methods of acupuncture, which is based on the stimulation of the reflex zones of the feet and hands and in combination with Chinese science “Jing-Lo”, the principle of which is the reflection of biologically active points (needles), through foot massage on low or high mode, blood circulation increases the strength of the blood vessels of the lower extremities, which increases the speed of blood circulation, and by stimulating the reflex zones of the foot pierces and cleanses the channels “Jing-Lo”, accelerates blood circulation, removes toxins from the body. Thus, the functions of the body and all internal organs are regulated. The device provides painless diagnosis, fights diseases and leads the body to a General recovery. Through external massage fights diseases that are inside, increases energy, activates blood, softens blood vessels. The use of the “KANDADZIA” device is the most modern way of recovery of the 21st century.

2.What is the difference between the KANDADZIA device and other health-improving devices supplied to the Russian market?

Answer: the Function of most sports simulators is that a person should make some movements on them and achieve a sports effect on them only by spending a certain force. Such movements do not contribute to the uniform saturation of the body with oxygen, to spend it. But on the device “KANDADZIA”, after 10 minutes of use in a standing position, the speed of circulation corresponds to the effect of both the 4-5 kilometer run, besides there is a uniform saturation of the body with oxygen.


3.Why 10-minute massage on the machine "KANDADZIA" is 4-5 kilometer jog?

Answer: Due to the fact that the use of the device accelerates blood circulation, so stimulates metabolism, increases the amount of oxygen contained in the blood, and achieved the same health effect as from 4-5 kilometer run. In sports running, through the movement of muscles, blood vessels are strongly compressed, which increases the speed of blood circulation, quickens breathing, thereby stimulating the entire metabolism. However, Jogging leads to muscle fatigue, causing a feeling of fatigue (because. all the oxygen accumulates in the lower extremities, heart and lungs feel the lack of oxygen), and the use of the device “KANDADZIA”, on the contrary does not cause these sensations. After using the device” KANDADZIA ” the body feels a sense of comfort, the legs feel light.

4.Why the method of implementing the apparatus "KANDADZYA": "first try, then buy"?

Answer: Any product or product may not always be suitable for everyone. Therefore, we want everyone to be able to experience and feel the real price and efficiency of the device. This device is not similar to other health devices, after use, there may be temporary discomfort, the so-called “phenomenon of disease retreat.” If there were no warnings in advance, some may have fears and fears. Only after some time of using the device, when the improvement of body functions is achieved and there is a feeling of confidence in this device, only after that the buyer can safely make payment. Therefore, using this method of implementation, we set ourselves the installation to provide customers with reliable and quality services.

5. 10 Basic functions of the device "KANDADZIA»

1) Softening the walls of blood vessels, improving blood circulation, removes free radicals from the body. 2) Cleans the channels “Jing-Lo” and improves their permeability of the energy of “Qi” and blood. Promote longevity. 3) Strengthens internal organs, improves digestion and absorption functions. 4) Activates cells, boosts immunity. 5) Stimulates reflex zones of internal secretion, regulates its functions. 6) Activates the nervous system, effectively eliminates the complex fatigue caused by an imbalance in the nervous system. 7) Stimulates the physical development of the brain and bones, strengthens memory. 8) Cleans the channels “Jing-Lo”, improves the permeability of the SIP. It is effective in reducing weight and improving appearance. 9) Strengthens the kidney, strengthens the redundancy of the sperm. Instinct excites, improves physiological function. 10) Effective in many chronic diseases. Accelerates the healing process.

6.The basic rules for using the apparatus "KANDADZYA»


1) the Initial period of adaptation to the device should be gradual. For beginners and people with poor health, the first time it is recommended to use the low mode of the device. You can switch to the second mode after some time after getting used to. 2) remove socks before the procedure. This will allow the reflex zone of the foot and the surface of the device to more closely touch each other and more successfully massage all the points on the foot. For patients with diabetes, it is recommended to lay a towel on the massager disk so as not to damage the skin. 3) before each step of the procedure, you need to breathe slowly and deeply three times, close your eyes, calm down and relax completely. 4) within an hour before and after eating, the use of the device is not recommended, as it can cause physiological discomfort. It is also not recommended to use the device immediately after taking a bath and heavy exercise, you can start using after these procedures only after 20-30 minutes. 5)it is Forbidden to use the device during Smoking and eating. Keep an eye on the comfortable temperature in the room, do not allow drafts. 6) before and after using the machine, drink warm boiled water. The necessary amount of water will accelerate metabolism and help the active excretion of toxins through the sweat glands, urine and feces. 7) Every time after stopping the device, when you do this or that position, you can not immediately start moving, as at this time there is an increased circulation of “Qi” and blood, sharp movements slow down and stop it. You need to wait about a minute, and then perform other actions. For people with poor health and the elderly, it is recommended to rest for 15 minutes at the end of the session. 8) after you start using the device, you do not need to stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor. When your health improves significantly, you can reduce the amount of medication taken, and then stop taking them at all. 9) do not make any sudden movements on the massage disc while using the device. 10) the Machine must be placed on a flat surface. Make sure that the outlet is not clogged and the electrical wire is not pinched.


7. Contraindications

1) Patients with various infectious diseases (hepatitis, typhoid, encephalitis, tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.). 2) Patients with acute poisoning (alcohol intoxication, drug intoxication). 3) Patients with temperatures above 37 degrees. 4) Patients with various bleedings (cerebral hemorrhage, gastric bleeding, internal bleeding, uterine bleeding) 5) Patients with chronic myocardial infarction, implanted artificial heart valve, as well as suffering from heart and kidney failure. 6) during pregnancy and menstruation. 7) After a big meal and spirits, after bath and with a strong fatigue. 8) Patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in the open form. 9) within 6 months after surgery. 10) Cancer patients 11) Patients after surgery for bone fractures using metal plates and pins for 3 years. 12) Children under 8 years of age.


8.What is the meaning of "the phenomenon of retreat of the disease"?

Answer: the So-called “phenomenon of the retreat of the diseases” indicate that in the process of improving health there are various reactions. In traditional medicine they are called “improvement reaction”, and in Chinese medicine – “dizziness reaction”. Activation of the blood breaks through the blocked places in the circulatory system, which restores the functioning of all internal organs, restores the function of self-healing, strengthens and activates the immune function, the elements in the blood begin to change. Therefore, the body may experience temporary discomfort, there are reactions to improvement, different in its degree of manifestation.


9. Is the device suitable only for elderly people?

Answer: No. Use suitable for children over 8 years old, young and old. The device strengthens health, slows down the aging process, improves appearance, reduces weight, increases energy, keeps youth.


10. Mediocre massage, its essence.

Answer: there are reflex zones of all internal organs on the feet. By stimulating a certain zone, we stimulate the organ corresponding to this zone. This stimulation of the feet generates some biological information in the nerve endings, which is transmitted to the appropriate organs through the channels of “Jing-Lo” and the nervous system. This allows you to improve the permeability of the channels, to stir up the potential forces of the body, which causes certain reactions and gives the effect of recovery and retreat of diseases.


11. What gives long-term use of the device?

Answer: Long-term use of the device regulates blood circulation, increases the function of blood oxygen transfer, increases the number of white cells, achieving cell activation, thereby increasing the body’s immunity, which makes the body more healthy and strong.


12.Performance evaluation of the device.

Answer: 1) Produces a vortex force field perpendicular to the earth’s surface 2) the Intensity of rotational movements 3) the Uniformity of rotational movements 4) the produced noise 5) Reliability 6) safety in application 7) service Life


13.In what diseases it is possible to use apparatus "KANDADZIA"?

Answer: if you look at the medical history of our patients, you will be surprised. Very many in a short time got rid of their old, intractable diseases. The use of the device is effective in the following diseases:

– cataract-hypertension-hypotension-osteochondrosis of cervical vertebrae-back and shoulder pain-heart disease-gastritis-digestive ulcer-diabetes-prostatitis – decreased sexual function-insomnia-varicose veins-gynecological diseases

The device can also be used for cosmetic purposes weight loss. Its effectiveness in weight loss is difficult to compare with any other methods and drugs for this purpose. As well as the use of the device effectively affects the improvement of appearance – “rejuvenation effect”. Try it and you will know its effectiveness.


14.There are other similar devices, what is the distinctive feature of the apparatus "KANDADZIA"?

Answer: Main features: 1. low power consumption, only 100 with a small Watt. 2. multifunctional, includes diagnosis, treatment, preservation of health. 3. using the device in different positions: standing, sitting, lying, leaning back, etc. 4. suitable for people of any age: from 8 to 80 years. 5. has no electrical or electromagnetic radiation. 6. has no harmful toxic effects. 7. service life of at least 10 years. 8. produces antimigratory solutions meets the science of human life, stimulates and restores the functioning of all body systems and the normal internal circulation 9. during the use of the device, the volume of blood flow increases by 2 times, the movement of oxygen is accelerated (without movement, the motor effect is achieved).


15.What is the efficiency of the unit "KANDADZIA" from medical treatment?

Answer: the Essence of medical treatment is as follows: “If a headache – treat the head, sore feet – treat feet.” Such treatment is not based on the principle of “finding the root of the disease”. Our machine can give you something that no medicine can give you. Drugs, in addition, have more and side effects. Our device takes care of strengthening and restoring your health, starting from the root of the disease, because one of the functions of the device is to increase blood circulation.


16.Is it possible that substances that will move away from the walls of blood vessels will not be able to leave the body and will settle in the blood microcapillaries, moreover, in the brain will form clots?

Answer: It’s impossible. Blood circulation is the engine in the complex process of metabolism, almost all internal organs are involved in this process of metabolism, where first there is absorption and then excretion. The blood contains a relatively large number of substances, and by increasing the activation of blood circulation is accelerating the supply of oxygen. This speeds up the process of absorption and metabolism, while dirt, slags are completely absorbed and removed from the body. As a result, the walls of blood vessels soften and become elastic. Some worry that blocking and congestion may occur. We want to reassure you. In addition, our device, just helps those who suffer or suffered a brain embolism. The first time using, especially when subsequent positions, people, depending on the state of health can be some reactions: for example, swelling, numbness, itching, redness, swelling, etc. These phenomena suggests that the body is cleansed of the channels “Jing-Luo”, restores the blood circulation.


17.Explanation of the essence of

Answer: Stimulating massage increases the speed of blood circulation, metabolism in the circulatory system begins to accelerate, based on the regulation of the functioning of all systems and glands of the body, the blood continuously increases the number of white and red cells, following the elimination of toxins and increase the function of oxygen, toxins in the blood (cholesterol, triglecides, lactic acid and free radicals, etc.), through the digestive system are absorbed and excreted (through the sweat glands, urine, feces), and gradually cleansed from them, cells are activated, the goal of improving health is achieved.


18.Diagnostic function of the device. On the basis of what manifestations is diagnosed?

Answer: by increasing blood circulation and productivity, the health of all internal organs is reflected on the reflex zones of the foot. It is reflected in the form of reactions such as water bubbles, blood bubbles, redness of the skin. Based on these indications, it is possible to determine the health of the body.