Buying on credit is easy.

In our online store, with the help of modern service “credit Exchange and CreditLine”, you can make an online purchase on credit or installments in the amount of 3 000 to 500 000 rubles. At the same time you do not need to visit our store or Bank branch. To obtain a loan you do not need to look for guarantors and collect a lot of documents confirming your income. It is enough to have only one document: the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.

The terms of the loan/installments.

  • Minimum age of borrower-18 years;
  • Loan amount – from 3 000 to 500 000 rubles;
  • The loan is granted for a period of 4 months to 3 years;
  • Signing a loan agreement at a convenient place and time;
  • For registration you need only a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • The presence of a permanent source of income (work, pension).

How to buy on credit?

  • Select the desired product in the store and go to the “shopping Cart” to place your order;
  • In the payment method, select “on credit” / ” Installment»/;
  • Using the loan calculator, select the Bank, loan program, loan term and down payment amount;
  • Fill out a simple form for feedback (name, phone, E-mail) and click ” Apply for a loan»;
  • After that, you will be contacted by a credit specialist for further questioning and sending an application to the partner banks;
  • If the Bank approves Your application, the loan officer will agree with you the time and place of signing the loan agreement;
  • When signing the contract, you must provide the original and a copy of the passport (a photo spread and a reversal with a valid registration); If you can not provide copies of the documents, a credit specialist will be photographed with the original documents.
  • After signing the loan agreement, we will deliver your purchase.

Methods of loan repayment.

To repay the loan, you can choose any convenient way for you throughout the territory of the Russian Federation:

  1. In Bank branches and additional offices (ATMs);
  2. In branches of Mail of Russia;
  3. Payment system “ELEKSNET”. Please note that there is a fee for payment. Specify the amount of Commission in advance;
  4. Payment network RAPID. Please note that there is a fee for payment. Specify the amount of Commission in advance;
  5. Payment network “QIWI”. Please note that there is a fee for payment. Specify the amount of Commission in advance.
  6. Interbank transfer. The amount of the next loan payment can be simply transferred. To do this, you need to contact any nearest Bank and arrange a regular Bank transfer. The size of the Commission should be clarified before the transfer;
  7. Accounting of the organization in which the client works. The accounts Department of the company in which the borrower works can transfer payments on the loan. It is enough to fill in and submit to the accounting Department an application for a monthly transfer of funds from the amount of wages. Payments will be made every month, on a certain day. From the employee will only need to control this process;
  8. With the help of the Internet Bank;

Our partner banks have no Commission for early repayment of the loan !!!

Advantages of buying on credit.

  • The opportunity not to postpone the purchase until tomorrow;
  • Payment for goods at a convenient time for You;
  • The opportunity to purchase your favorite product without a down payment;
  • Early repayment of the loan without Commission;
  • Registration of the credit to pensioners.

… and all this without leaving home!