The main attention in Chinese medicine is paid to the circulation of vital energy, which is called qi. At the same time, it is believed that if the energy circulates correctly and the energy balance is observed, the organs will not be subjected to pathological changes, since they are fed with this vital energy and a full-fledged energy nutrition allows the organs to remain healthy.

There are internal qi circulating inside the person and external qi – outside him. External qi with the breath enters the human body, developing in the interior, and when you exhale gets out and is converted to the external qi. In the human body, qi circulates through the meridians. Inhaled clean air stimulates and nourishes the blood, and it, in turn, spreads throughout the body, feeding it.

Chinese medicine has discovered biologically active points on the human body, which, when combined in a certain sequence, form channels (meridians), which circulates vital energy. 14 main meridians have been opened. All channels are energetically connected. Violation of the free circulation of energy (the formation of energy “tube”) in the channels or interchannel connections leads to numerous functional disorders. The study of these disorders made it possible to create a theory of diagnosis and a technique for restoring energy circulation in the channels. Twelve channels symmetrical (paired), two channels rear and front – unpaired. They control the Central nervous system, supplying it with energy.

Ancient Chinese medicine claims that the circulation of energy begins with the lungs. Air is the main energy supplier. Energy sequentially passes through all the 12 main paired meridians over 24 hours, being each of them for 2 hours. Two unpaired channels work around the clock. Each channel has its own maximum and minimum energy potential, the Maximum is reached at the time of passage of energy, a minimum of 12 hours. Starting to circulate in the Meridian of the lungs from 3 to 5 hours, the energy passes into the colon channel, the optimal operating time of which is from 5 to 7 hours. Maximum energy in the lung channel from 2 to 5 hours, minimum energy from 15 to 17 hours.

Energy is polar: it can be positive-Yang, serving in the body the processes of excitation, and negative – Yin, serving the processes of inhibition. The manifestation of energy during circulation through the channels is neutral, as it balances the action of the two principles – Yang and Yin. The disease starts with the appearance of an imbalance in any direction. The transition of energy from channel to channel causes the existence of an energy connection between them. Studied three basic types of channel relationships: direct and two indirect links that exist between channels and organs. All biologically active points belonging to a certain channel are numbered along the channel.

On each channel stand out, the so – called standard points (points) exciting (toning), soothing (sedative), diagnostic (signal point-Herald, alarm point), lo-point (point of transition of energy from one channel to another), the source and sympathetic. Standard points differ from other points of the Meridian more therapeutic efficiency. Energy circulates in the channel from the first point to the last. The formation of energy “jams” in the channels or interchannel connections is the cause of many functional disorders in the body. The presence of only 1 energy plug in the channel of the gallbladder leads to the emergence of 32 diseases. Violation of energy circulation is observed in the external and internal flow of the channel. External course – a bioactive point on the surface of the skin. . The inner passage – is a section of the channel passing inside the human body directly delivering energy to the body. If any body has any violations or beginning to develop the disease, then the respective areas of the foot will accumulate harmful metabolic products that affect the skin of these areas. At the same time, through the neuro – reflex arc, the information transmitted by the receptors of touch, heat, pressure and pain is displayed. These receptors are located on the skin and formed clusters of nerve endings, which are on the foot. In accordance with the theory of channels Ching Lo, the foot pass 3 Yin Meridian of foot: spleen, liver, kidneys and 3YangMeridian of the foot: the stomach, gallbladder, and urinary bladder.

It is noted that when the work of the organ is disrupted, some biologically active points along the corresponding Meridian, with an excess of energy, harden, become painful when touched. In some cases, pain occurs without touching. Lack of energy is expressed in puffiness, numbness, insensitivity points. On this principle, the Meridian diagnosis is based, according to which attention is drawn to the place of the body surface where there are biological signals of natural origin (pain, itching, rash, boil). Then it is determined which Meridian passes through this part of the body, its interchannel connections and the conclusion is made about the violation of energy circulation in the channel.

The skin is a complex and completely unknown part of the human body. Skin area from 1.5 to 1.8 square meters. meters and is 16% of body weight. The skin serves as a kind of blood depot, as if the second spleen of the body. In certain conditions, the enlarged vessels of the skin can accommodate more than 1 liter of blood. This is a significant figure when you consider that the circulating blood volume of about 5 L. the Skin is closely connected with all internal organs, connective tissue and endocrine glands. It is estimated that 1 square cm of skin is: 2 thermal, 12 cold, 25 tangible and 150 pain points. Intricate patterns on the skin are signals of the body. Researcher J. Hirasawa (1975) over 30 years studied 600 thousand feet. The scientist believes that information about the physical and mental state of a person can be determined in his footsteps. Chinese medicine believes that human feet are like the root of a tree. The tree begins to wither from the root. And man when he grows old in the first place weaken of the foot. In a healthy person an easy gait and a good head. The patient has a tired gait, a heavy head and weak legs. Foot-source of healthy spirit. The science of energy channels believes that both feet are closely connected with all organs of the human body through a system of energy channels. All changes in the state of the organs are reflected on the foot. Stop – it contains information about the entire mechanism gooseman most suitable for maintaining health, detection and treatment of various diseases. Being one of halelements, the trace is closely connected with all other bodies. All tissues and organs of the human body correspond to certain areas on the foot, these areas are called reflex.

If any body has any violations or beginning to develop the disease, then the respective areas of the foot will accumulate harmful metabolic products that affect the skin of these areas. At the same time, through the neuro – reflex arc, the information transmitted by the receptors of touch, heat, pressure and pain is displayed. These receptors are located on the skin and formed clusters of nerve endings, which are on the foot. In accordance with the theory of the channels the Jing-Luo, the foot pass 3 Yin Meridian of foot: spleen, liver, kidneys and 3 Yang Meridian of the foot: the stomach, gallbladder, and urinary bladder.


Since ancient times in Russia colds and many other ailments treated in a hot bath, hot resteras hard sponge and polistina himself with birch branches. Than not massage? In our time, massage pushed pills and medicines, but very soon it became clear that the effects of drugs are ambiguous. It is better, if possible, to do without them. Therefore, interest in drug-free methods is huge, their popularity is great. Currently, for hygienic purposes, it is possible to use a variety of massage techniques.

We are pleased to present you a unique massage machine “KANDADZIA”, developed by the scientific and technical research company “KANDADZIA”, located in Beijing and working in the field of health care. This company is engaged in the development, production and marketing of medical equipment. The company’s brand – CRANE -in China, a symbol of health and longevity. The device “KANDADZIA” is designed for massage of reflex zones, physiological and cosmetic purposes. It is designed and engineered in accordance with the natural laws of human life. When you create the machine account of the anatomy and physiology, the theory of the primary channels (meridians) through which vital energy circulates, galotherapy, different means of Eastern medicine, science and technology. In 1999, after careful testing, the device was approved for use in the treatment process.

In ancient times, people noticed that the development of biological organisms is always carried out clockwise around its axis. For example, all vines entwine the branches and the tree trunk in a clockwise direction. Also, the shells of snails and mollusks are twisted. Clockwise rotate the Earth and tornadoes. Modern science has proven that the circulatory system and double – helical structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in the cells of living organisms-it is also the structure, twisted clockwise. Scientific studies have shown that the spiral, clockwise structure can enter into biological resonance and affect the life of living organisms. And anti-clockwise structures do not participate in biological life.

Everyone should know how his body functions, first of all, to study the energy channels, to learn how to recognize in a timely manner which organ gives a signal, calling for help. The DO-IN system, born 4 thousand years ago, has stood the test of time, has received international recognition, it is taught in the institutions of many countries. Having got acquainted with this system, having understood what biologically active points You need to work, You will be able to help yourself in many ways.

KANDADZIA (literally) HEALTH in EACH FAMILY – the device massage, reflex action for the physiological and cosmetic purposes – models LQX – 2000A, is created according to biological laws, physiology and anatomy of the person, in unity with the theory of channels Jing-Lo..

Developing the device, the designers took as a basis the figure 7200-is the speed of rotation of the teeth of the ebony massage disc. But on the machine begin to engage people unprepared physically, often with a large “bouquet” of diseases, so the developers have provided another speed – 3600 rpm.the method of rotation is spiral, in 3 levels, clockwise with a diameter of rotation of 1-1. 5 mm. with this device,breathing and blood are normalized, by stimulating reflex points on the feet, improves the functioning of the internal organs and the whole body. This leads to the purification and strengthening of the arteries, immunity and self-healing.

Clinical trials of the CANDAJA apparatus have shown that massage of the palms and feet, as well as painful points of the body, activates the Jing-Lo channels, speeds up the blood circulation process, and normalizes the metabolism. Daily use of the device for 15-20 minutes gives a load comparable to the effect of jogging 5 kilometers.

The KANDADZIA apparatus has relevant conclusions, Certificates and permits for use in Russia, where it has been successfully used since 2002.


The use of sports and health massager is contraindicated in the following diseases:

  • 1. Infectious diseases in acute form.
  • 2. In malignant tumors.
  • 3. In the presence of implants.
  • 4. In diseases accompanied by various kinds of bleeding (in the acute period).
  • 5. People who underwent surgery-within 6 months after surgery;
    after a serious operation-for one year.
  • 6. Women during pregnancy, menstruation.
  • 7. In eye diseases: retinal rejection, glaucoma, severe myopia.
  • 8. After a stroke during the first 3 months.
  • 9. At temperatures above 38 degrees