General information

If you want to know about the terms of delivery and payment, but do not want to read about them, then contact the seller-consultant of your city, which is sure to help you.

Prices in the online store may differ from retail prices. The price of the ordered goods is valid for 24 hours from the moment of Ordering.

Cash purchase

When paying in cash, our sales consultant will contact you to confirm the order and specify the delivery time. After that, you can pick up the order yourself, making payment at pickup, or our courier will come to you, who will deliver the order and accept the payment.

Orders online store in Moscow, you can pay in any of our store. After ordering, the seller-consultant will tell you the number of the payment document, which will be necessary to make payment.

Payment by credit card on the website

Payment by credit card on the website is made through the payment system. After registration and payment of the order you will be contacted by our sales consultant to confirm the Order and specify the delivery time.